Tuesday, 4 February 2014

How To Wear A Dark Lipstick

Are you one of those who sees some lovely makeup and just needs to have it in  your collection? Inch pinch:) I know some of you may just find a dark lipstick in your stash which you have never worn in that if you dig a little. what has stopped you from wearing it so far, is it because you don't want to look like you trying to still use the lipstick you bought for Halloween or just that you not sure how to wear it. Whatever the reason here are a few points and a video that will help carry of a dark lipstick to look like a Diva!

Some points to keep in mind while wearing a dark lip:

1) Use a lip scrub to get rid of dead skin. Forget a dark lipstick, nothing ever looks good on dead skin.

2) Use a lip balm as the first step when you start your makeup so that by the time you done with your makeup and its time to wear your beautiful dark lipstick your lips are well conditioned.

3) DO NOT wear heavy eye makeup, unless its a Halloween look.

4) Avoid wearing a gloss on the entire lip.

Here are some pics  for you guys followed by the video. Comment and let me know whats your favorite dark lipstick...red/ wine/ brown


  1. I loved the look! Thanks for the tips!!! Loved your makeup in the vid! super like!