Wednesday, 23 January 2019

How To Get Ridiculously Well Organised

You have started 2019 and have your goals for the year in mind, now what? You definitely can't let another year go by just hoping the goals in your head become a reality. So here I am, sharing a few important pointers that got me started and helped 2018 be the most productive. Trust me its only getting better!

1. Brain Dump: You need a can-do list. Get a little notebook with sections eg. Ideas for the blog/ youtube videos, personal goals, getting fit, etc. This is the place where you just scribble ideas and revisit them at the end of the week to convert them into plans which finally make it to the planner which is your final to-do list. It's 2019 so don't blame you if you are a digital geek and just prefer separate notes on the phone for each topic.

2. Plan to do the most important thing first thing in the morning and get it out of your way: Be it your workout or a call you have not been looking forward to. Think about how you will feel once it is done and push yourself to get it done asap. I must admit, I say this from practice. The first few times I had to push myself to do this, but once I felt the sense of relief after the job was done a couple of times, I wanted to do just get the most nagging thing crossed on my to-do list first thing in the day.

3. Utilise your travel time: If you are the one complaining about wanting to change the job just because of the travel time, learn to just turn things around. Don't have time to catch up on your favourite shows or longing to read that book you express shipped 2 years ago? Well, time to use the download option on Netflix while you are at home or throw that book into your bag, because you are going to use all the me-time you have on that train ride to and fro work now on.

4. Start now and be consistent: If there was one thing I would tell my 16-year-old self, this is it and for many reasons. Be it to start the day early, start working on an idea immediately, etc. Don't wait to perfect everything, if every innovator waited for things to be launched with the perfect vision, we would not have evolved in the first place. I will get personal here, when I posted my first Youtube video, I just knew I had to start but had I been consistent and not wanted to wait for some more time to get the perfect equipments, things would have possibly been very different. So here is my personal goal for 2019 to just get started and remain consistent!

5. Time Batching: Ever watched Youtuber Amy Landino, the woman just has the knack of making you realise the most common sense stuff. Will give her credit for sharing this one. Do similar tasks at one time. for eg., all the laptop work gets done one after the other in the same time slot, all maintenance work again at the same time. Imagine removing the tools to fix something, packing it all up and then realising midday that you need the toolbox again to fix something else. Wanna bet you not going to get around doing it for the second time on the same day?
Two very important tips here:
i) Take a minute to put a method to the madness For eg. plan to clean cobwebs first and then vacuum the carpets for obvious reasons. This is what I mean by realising the most basic stuff that sometimes gets ignored.
ii) Use a timer. Allow yourself a fixed amount of time to get the job done instead of just sitting on it for as much time as you have which can sometimes take a half hour job into 3 hours. Eg. me packing for a trip, if I dont time myself I can be sitting with my suitcase talking to a friend, fixing stuff, updating insta stories, etc.

Now a quick few tips to make being productive a little more fun:

6. Reward yourself: Learn to bribe yourself to finish a boring job you have not been excited to get your hands dirty with. It can be as simple as an ice cream or like me buying myself that one make up item on my wishlist when I finish filing all my paperwork of the last 3 years.

7. Live with less: Donate or discard so that you are left will just the right amount of stuff you can keep organised.

8. Keep the phone away: Limit your social media is easy to get lost in the world of Instagram.

As I end the post just reiterating...Start Now and Remain Consistent!!!


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

10 Makeup Must-Haves for every Indian Bride

We are hitting September and that means gearing for the wedding season. Right from booking your makeup artist to sticking to the diet and searching the latest trends, a Bride-to-be always has her hands full. So here is a list to make your life simple when it comes to makeup. I have listed the Top 10 makeup products you need to have in your vanity that will be of utmost use pre and post the wedding celebrations.

1. Primer: This is your first product that will stick by you. I say stick, as a primer will help your makeup last through the day. The days approaching and post the wedding seem so packed that there is hardly any time for constantly touching up your makeup. The primer keeps the natural oils at bay and that makeup should last from Day to Night. TIP: Invest in a hydrating primer to make dull skin look supple.

2. Foundation: While you may have a huge choice from liquids to creams and powders, I would recommend trying these way in advance so you can see what you comfortable with as per your needs. However for a bride to be I would recommend a Liquid foundation that would let you adjust the coverage as per your need. TIP: Mix the same foundation with your daily moisturizer for a light coverage and voila you have a tinted moisturizer for the day.

3. Concealer: Late nights, lots of Daaru Shaaru is part of the party and we don''t expect the Bride to be a party pooper. So have fun and also have a good concealer! I completely trust MAC concealers for Indian Skintones.

4. Compact powder: Always remember the key to long lasting makeup is setting the makeup in the first place so keep that powder handy always. A compact powder is a must have in every brides bag.

5. Kajal: Call yourself an Indian bride and to not have a Kajal in the vanity? That is not possible as this was most probably the first makeup item you ever bought.

6. Blush: We all love a blushing bride:) Keep a mix of a peach and pink shade handy.

7. Liquid Lipstick: Super easy to apply and super long lasting, the new trend of liquid lipsticks is here to stay with every brand releasing more and more colors. Try to get your hands on the Huda Beauty Liquid lipsticks but also back home Chambor and Revlon have some great options.

8. Mascara: Flirting with the groom wouldn't be fun without fluttering those lashes. Keep the waterproof one handy if you know there are going to be some emotional moments.

9. Brow product: Trust me this is a game changer. The brows frame your face and enhancing those features will make a huge difference. If you need slight filling a brow powder or eyeshadow will be just enough; a little shaping and filling can be done with a help of a pencil and if like me you need quite a bit of work to be one there then the brow pomade is your best and only option. An additional option is to use a brow gel to keep that brow in place

10. Eyeshadow Palette: As a child you messed around a lot with your mother's eyeshadow and possibly even now continue to do the same. Girl now you and Mom will hardly be sharing your vanity, so time to have an nice neutral palette in that trousseau. My recommendation is Urban decay's Naked 1 palette for Indian skintones and if you are on the lookout for a drugstore option Maybelline's Nude palette is a good option. TIP: Use the champagne shade as a highlighter on your cheeks too :)

So now bring on that smile and go blushing away with your prince charming :))



Friday, 19 August 2016

Indian Dupe for Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat

Ask any makeup artist what is the part of the job that she completely dreads and the prompt reply will be washing makeup brushes. Just like any other makeup artist I had the same reply but unlike many I was determined to find a solution. Trust me to go scouting anywhere and everywhere to make this job easier. So there I was on the internet looking out for options and the most popular answer was the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat; but frankly $30 for that mat did seem a little unjustifiable to me. So there I was all determined to hunt down a cheaper option. (I even tried a DIY, the CD stamped with hot glue stripes which was a sticky mess.) 

Finally a visit to the local market one evening made me keep my eye out at various substitutes for that damn $30 mat; even Mommy dear was on the hunt by now and as always Mommy beat me and found the perfect solution at a small store of small kitchen utilities. A kitchen Sink Mat was not only the answer but also an exact dupe for the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat at just Rs. 80/-

Brush Cleaning Mat

This mat with its suction grips at the back that stay put in the basin and prevent any slipping due to the brush movements while cleaning or due to the force of the water. 

Front and Back of Brush Cleaning Mat

I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has over 10 brushes to clean at once.  At Rs. 80/- this is a steal as it saves your beautiful hands, time and even the amount of brush cleanser to be used.

Demo: Brush Cleaning Mat
Brush cleaning is now a cake walk with this mat. Would love to  know if this post helped you. let me know by commenting below.


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Dupe for MAC Humid Eyeshadow

Ask any girl what it is to find a good bargain; she cant wait to share the news with her friends. This is exactly the feeling I am going through sitting here at my desk. While shooting my Deepika Padukone's makeup inspired Youtube video I needed a beautiful green eyeshadow which was the main color used on the eyelids and then stumbled upon two fantastically identical eyeshadows in my kit. Check them out below.

Left: Inglot Pearl 418 eyeshadow           Right: MAC Humid Eyeshadow
Swatch of MAC Humid on the ring finger and Inglot Pearl 418 on the middle finger

Swatch of MAC Humid on the ring finger and Inglot Pearl 418 on the middle finger

Top: MAC Humid    Bottom: Inglot Pearl 418

Both the colors are exactly the same but I must say there is a reason Inglot eyeshadows haven't found a place in every girls vanity even after being affordable. These eyeshadows are good for placing as the main eyelid color but compared to MAC and other popular eyeshadows sold online these just don't blend well on the lids and need to be worked in.

To conclude I would recommend buy the pearl eyeshadows which dont need to be blended into the crease  from Inglot, but for matte and satin shades choose a brand whose eyeshadows blend well.

Check out my video using MACs Humid eyeshadow to do a Deepika Padukone inspired Makeup



Sunday, 12 June 2016

5 Beauty Secrets No One Told You

Have you watched any of those Youtube videos with the title  'Things I'd tell my 16 yr old self '?
Now imagine being 40 and thinking the same way 'Things I 'd tell my 25 yr old self'.
So let me share some beauty secrets that no one told you but make all the difference for which you will thank me at 40:).

1 Always massage products on the face and neck in the upward direction. Sounds so minor right? But now make a choice dragging your skin down everyday or pulling it up. You have answered yourself :)

2. Don't skip the sunscreen on your hands and feet. Remember hands give away age the fastest. If you want to take it a step further, a regular hand and foot cream night routine my just allow you to put your best foot (and hand) forward. Beauty Tip: Use a sunscreen stick to avoid greasy palms.

3. Its a known fact that as you get older your lips grow smaller, well I am no Kylie Jenner to talk about lip injections but definitely know that the lip liner can be your savior buddy too. Use it to not only fake fuller lips tastefully but also get that lipstick to stay way longer by filling in your lips with the pencil. Beauty tip: The nude lip pencil is your main buddy here.

4. Now I hope exfoliating is part of your beauty regime but don't let those little dry nasty patches get away unnoticed. I am talking about your knees, elbows and underarms. A little scrub n rub will go a long way. Nobody wants to have a lady have a few dry patches take away the attention.

5. This one I swear by...make sure you wash your hair (actually scalp) till you feel it squeaky clean. How often do we just rush into the shower wash our hair quickly, blow dry it and are out the door. Well I made this mistake and realised my hair got greasy in a day and the dry shampoo had to be in my handbag; until the hairdresser told me to change my hair wash method to concentrate on a squeaky scalp and not the hair...woooh what a big huge difference, to the point that I wash my hair twice a week now and haven't touched a dry shampoo since then.

Remember the small things make the big difference.

Your beauty Blogger,

Image source: Google Images

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Priyanka Chopra's Oscar Look in 5 Simple Steps

Move away Kim Kardashian we have our very own Priyanka Chopra aka PC breaking the internet. Thankfully for  the Oscars PC dint try to make a big deal and go the desi way. She very much kept the international feel and was bang on with the current trends from head to toe.  A quick break down about her look:

This Oscars saw absolutely no fuss hairstyles, nothing over the top; infact hairstyles which the girl next door can wear. Even Lady Gaga surprised us with no meat and no crazy headgear :-P
PC stuck to a low neck ponytail which also allowed one to notice the simple earrings.

Her makeup saw some refreshing trends like the Matte skin which I absolutely love, no evident eyeliner and a nude kohl applied to the waterline. The eye makeup was an absolute no fuss look too that complimented the hair and let the dress do all the talking.

To achieve this look:
1) Prime your skin

2) Use a Concealer followed by a Matte foundation and set with a powder. As an Option you could  use a light hand of a matte bronzer on the outer part of the cheeks and temples.

3) For the eyes smudge a black kohl as close to the lash line and the outer corners of the eye. Use a brown matte eye shadow on the outer corner of the eye and blend it into the crease. Apply a nude gold eye shadow that compliments your skin tone on the rest of the eyelid. As usual dont forget to grrom your brows.

4) Apply a nude kohl pencil on the waterline and coat the lashes with lots of mascara

5) Line the lips and fill them with a burgundy lip pencil and top it up with a matte burgundy or rust shade of lipstick.


Don't forget to share your pics with me and tag me on Instagram @diptidiva1.

Have fun creating the look and love yourself because the best compliment is there is nobody like you...Muahhh!!!

All pictures were sourced from google images.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

OOTD: A Perfect Summer Maxi

A casual outing with friends lead to a bit of casual shopping and each one of us picking up the same maxi for ourselves. Trust a bunch of fun and totally mad gals to do something like this.

Each one has a style and some style preferences and trust me I am the kind who had a big block to anything to do with extremely girly stuff like hearts, flowers and a pink room. But whats fashion if you dont break rules and sometimes your own rules. So here is me in a garden wearing a maxi with a beautiful garden print on it. The cotton fabric is so comfortable for the summers and the neckline is what I love about this dress. The black piping is the perfect contrast to all the busy print on the dress.

I have accessorized using a gold and black belt and a cuff from my jewellery stash. For my makeup I have used the Maybelline Mat 1 lipstick and a Chanel mascara.

Hope you enjoyed this OOTD post...dont forget to comment and follow me for more updates.

Cya soon...Muah:)


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Brunch: Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

This is the time of the year when I miss being in school the most....yes the time when you are told to take a 2 month break from the routine :). Well but as you grow older and wiser you just make the best of what you have which is your 2 days off in the week. So not the one to leave such opportunities I try to pack as much as I can into those 2 days; well don't deny the fact that a lot of you reading this have already planned to do all the jobs pending for the last 2 months for your next 2 days you to be as smart as me :P

So on one of my days off from work I decided to do things a little different, start the day late and do a little lazy brunch with the hubby. Please note this was  strictly a no makeup day as hubby feels that since everyday is makeup day special days with him should be no-makeup days (don't we dress up to look good for our husbands?). Going with the flow here is me with zero makeup and a flowy kinda skirt.

At Jamjar Diner in Versova

This pic was taken at Jamjar diner in Versova. A nice place to chill with friends over some huge pizzas and a pitcher of beer since the pitcher of caipiroska was avoidable. The meat overload pizza is a must for meat lovers. Next on my list is the 5 cheese pizza which the waiter messed up on and got me a repeat of the meat overload pizza.  Check out the fancy desert I indulged in called the flower pot.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Summer is back and so am I :)

Helllloooo everyone, summer is here and so am I with loads of pics to share with you. No...I am not making up for my absence with many pics in one post but just super excited to be back to blogging and sharing lots of stuff with you guys. Though if you follow me on Instagram you would know what I have been upto for the whole of last year and it has been crazy but still super fun; so don't forget to follow me on instagram.

So getting straight to what I have to share with you. I have been enjoying dressing up the last few days and visiting friends and family as all work and no play was making bye the Diva too a little dull...there came the summer sunshine and you can see I am all happy & poppy.

There have been so many lunches and dinners and even me experimenting with the hubby in the kitchen... so lets start in the name of some food and fashion.

Hubby trying to get all fancy at home cooking... Chicken in Korean BBQ sauce with grilled veggies on a bed of mashed potatoes...A gal can do with this kind of comfort food after a hard day at work :P
Korean barbecue Chicken with Grilled veggies  on a bed of mashed potatoes 

Frankly this is me trying to make the best of extra boiled chickpeas and trust me every bite of this was "Chatpatta"
Healthy Evening Snack

And sometimes both of us can do with a little break from the here we tried a sloppy joe at Go Panda...They served me in a paper box with a happy panda on it...Follow me on instagram to see new eateries I love to explore.  

Some fashion posts if you Fashion Hungry:)

Check out my earrings...The pearls add such a pretty soft look.

Summer Perfect in a you love wearing summer maxis too? 

Don't forget to comment and follow me on instagram :)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Review and my 3 picks from the Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polish Collection

A post that been way too delayed but I am doing it nevertheless coz I know a lot of you who read my blog share similar tastes and I wanted to share with you guys the 3 colors I liked and picked from the Maybelline Colorshow Collection.

Here you go :)

Product: Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes

Price: Rs 75

Quantity: 6 ml

1. Kiss me Pink (003):  This is the perfect cheat color between a red and a pink. I would call it a chameleon color that looks like a red on you when you wear a red outfit and a pink when you wear a pink. Also if you are one of those gals who likes red nail, make sure you have this color in your collection.

2. Bold Gold (008): Looks like the name 'Bold Gold' is a standard for a Maybelline star product. I have worn this color way more than I had already expected. Its been on my toes shamelessly for a month now...yes you read it right- a month (confessions of a shameful beauty This I would say is a family color, coz once you wear this all the aunties, cousins and hype baccha party around you are sure to borrow it from you especially during a family destination Indian wedding when gold fits every occasion and every age. Trust me on this. Have ditched my favorite Zoya gold nail polish for this.

3. Lavender Lies (217): I had worn my sisters Faces Lavendar nail paint when I had visited her in Dubai click here to see. I had liked how the color looked on me and had decided to get out of my comfort zone for nail polishes (you are join to see my wear yellow n green nails jokes).
So when I saw this color I just grabbed it.

Review: Maybelline has now added a lot more colors to the collection. There is also a lighter lavender shade I would have preferred.

i) The color pay off is excellent
ii) Doesn't chip off easily
iii) The price is super affordable
iv) The quantity is just perfect as a big bottle always dries up. (if you go through this problem too I have found a solution...comment if you want me to share the secret with you)
v) Cute packaging

i) It stained my nails slightly.
ii) Compared to other Maybelline nail polishes this one takes some time to get off.

Verdict: Go for it especially if you want something that doesn't chip easily

Rating: 9/10 (would have been a 10/10 had it not stained my nails)