Monday, 3 March 2014

Diptidiva1 Tuesday Tip: Deep Breathing

Yes as lame as it may sound and as far away it may seem from being a beauty tip, it is one of the most important ones. Ever wondered how some women look so radiant and young even when you know that they have a day far longer and hectic than yours? I have asked many such women their beauty secret :P Well firstly because I NEEDED it and secondly I HAD TO share it with all of you:) Most of these women have told me either one of these 2 answers: Yoga or Deep breathing.

Image: Yogainmyschool
So I decided to give this a shot and start with 10 minutes of Deep Breathing. Day 1 I thought was the most chaotic 10 minutes of my life, every damn pending job and things to add to my to do list came to mind (heck and here I was to clear my mind for 10 minutes). Well decided there has to be something to this, so not the one to give up a 10 minute free beauty routine I made it a challenge to do it for the next 5 days. The second day was again torture and the then finally on the third day it actually got better. I went on and with each passing day I felt my day going better, things felt more sorted and a clear mind was on its way.

However, then came the moving of the house and an over worked body, mind and a crazy me with no space or time to spare and 10 minutes of breathing was too much of a luxury at that point, leading to the routine to be dropped.

So here I am today to share with you the fact that a happy mind is a blessed mind and leads to a beautiful face and body, so I have begun this routine today and want you to join me with an objective to achieve a beautiful and calmer space in and around us in a world thats way too chaotic.

Here is how you go about:

1. Start as soon as you wake up. You can even do it on your bed (but just make sure you don't go back to sleep). Also set an alarm for 10 mts.

2. Sit up straight, folding your legs on each other and shut your eyes.

3. Start Deep Breathing only through your nose.

Using your finger shut your right nostril while inhaling from your left nostril. Take a deep breathe and hold it for a count of 10 then slowly release. Do the same on the other side which is shut your left nostril and inhaling deeply through your right nostril, hold for 10 counts and release slowly. Try to listen and concentrate on to the beautiful sounds of nature while doing this.
Do this routine until your 10 minute alarm goes off.

4. When you are done, rub your palms against each other to warm it up and place them gently on your shut eyes and slowly open your eyes to see the world in front of you.

Let me know if you accept the challenge to remove 10 minutes in a day for yourself to follow a free beauty routine with me.

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