Thursday, 12 September 2013

Review: Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cremes

If you have been looking out for the latest lipsticks or their reviews online you would definitely know that one word that keeps re-appearing in the product description over and over again - 'lasting'.

The more and more lipsticks you see the more hours each one claims to last for. How many have you tried and how many of them have stayed true to their claim?
Going by my experiences the beauty products that I have picked up by sheer word of mouth haven't failed me ever and here is a big example of this.

Review: Love these lip cremes and have been wearing them on their own or even under my lipsticks since the time I have bought them. These are crazzzzy gooood!
They last me through the whole working day through several meal & water breaks. I have reached a point where I think I don't want to step out without wearing these.  
They smell yum, like the Indian Cadbury eclair:) They apply smoothly on well conditioned lips and then go matte and a bit dry; the reason why you need to apply a lip balm before applying these lip cremes. A little reapplication of your lip balm after lunch will bring the color back on your lips...feel like its a magic, try it yourself with these tips in mind:

1. Never ever use these even on the slightest dried or chapped lips 

2. Even well conditioned lips will need a lip balm before you apply these babies (I use my Maybelline Baby Lips) 

3. A cleanser to get rid of the final traces of the product at the end of the day; coz dint I say they last all day? 

Verdict: A must have if you have long days and not much time for re-application. But make sure to have well maintained lips.

Rating: 9/10 (Not a 10 only because its drying and can't be used on chapped lips)

Below are pictures of me wearing the three colors in the same order (09, 08, 05)


  1. These are real cuties :) Lovely swatches <3
    beautifully reviewed :)

    1. Thanks Vipra:) Lots more reviews coming up so make sure to keep checking.

  2. I always had the mind set that only expensive lips sticks are good but i guess i was wrong. I just happen to buy one of these miss Clarie lipsticks and thy are fab. grt shade for a good price.

    1. I love sharing some amazing beauty products I buy at affordable prices. subscribe to my blog so that you can be updated. Thanks for writing in:)

  3. can anyone please tel me where i can buy them online i search everysite but its not there.or please tel if product has been discontinued?