Monday, 1 July 2013

Kareena Kapoor Marie Claire June 2013 cover inspired look

I wish I could ask you to raise your hand if you like Kareena Kapoor's looks everytime she is ready for the cameras coz all I would do is give you a hi 5!

Both the Kapoor sisters have very different personal styles with Karisma being the sophisticated one while Kareena being a bit more fun and suprising. 

I recently received the book by Kareena called Bollywood Diva on my bday and was so excited (tho I may not wana blatantly admit). Let me know if you want me to do a book review on the same as a separate post.

Coming back to the Marie Claire cover I must mention one very important thing while I look  at the pic of a famous celebrity and replicate the look, it is strictly 'INSPIRED'. I am no way as close to Kareena's fair n clear complexion; for reference I am an NC 42, so now you get the picture:) Obviously a color that stands out on Kareena may just blend into my skin color. 
Keeping the same thought in mind I have created this video for you guys. Do let me know if you liked it; you could also send me a reference picture on my facebook page if you would like me to create any other video/post for you beautiful divas out there.

Here is some of the click click work I did..

Close up

Cross legged

Dont miss my red nails
My new black neckpiece

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