Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Purple & Coral Smokey eye for the Day

Yes I am back to experimenting new looks with my new vanity case. The real reason behind one eye being completely done at the beginning if the tutorial  was because I was trying this look and loved it so much and dint want to miss sharing it with you all so started recording while I was completing the look with the other eye. Love you guys for all your support that makes me want to share more looks with all of you <3

This look was inspired mainly by my new Bharat and Dorris eyeshadow in M11. This shade has been OOS at my B&D store for a very long time. Me and my friend have been experimenting with a lot of their products and have not been disappointed so far. Review did I hear? Let me know.

I am sharing with you a few pictures for you to enjoy; however if you want to create this look check out my Youtube video I have shared right at the end of this post.


 Let me know if you would like to see any other looks or you can also catch up with me on twitter/ facebook/ instagram. Talk to you soon:)

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