Friday, 19 August 2016

Indian Dupe for Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat

Ask any makeup artist what is the part of the job that she completely dreads and the prompt reply will be washing makeup brushes. Just like any other makeup artist I had the same reply but unlike many I was determined to find a solution. Trust me to go scouting anywhere and everywhere to make this job easier. So there I was on the internet looking out for options and the most popular answer was the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat; but frankly $30 for that mat did seem a little unjustifiable to me. So there I was all determined to hunt down a cheaper option. (I even tried a DIY, the CD stamped with hot glue stripes which was a sticky mess.) 

Finally a visit to the local market one evening made me keep my eye out at various substitutes for that damn $30 mat; even Mommy dear was on the hunt by now and as always Mommy beat me and found the perfect solution at a small store of small kitchen utilities. A kitchen Sink Mat was not only the answer but also an exact dupe for the Sigma Brush Cleaning Mat at just Rs. 80/-

Brush Cleaning Mat

This mat with its suction grips at the back that stay put in the basin and prevent any slipping due to the brush movements while cleaning or due to the force of the water. 

Front and Back of Brush Cleaning Mat

I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has over 10 brushes to clean at once.  At Rs. 80/- this is a steal as it saves your beautiful hands, time and even the amount of brush cleanser to be used.

Demo: Brush Cleaning Mat
Brush cleaning is now a cake walk with this mat. Would love to  know if this post helped you. let me know by commenting below.


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