Sunday, 12 June 2016

5 Beauty Secrets No One Told You

Have you watched any of those Youtube videos with the title  'Things I'd tell my 16 yr old self '?
Now imagine being 40 and thinking the same way 'Things I 'd tell my 25 yr old self'.
So let me share some beauty secrets that no one told you but make all the difference for which you will thank me at 40:).

1 Always massage products on the face and neck in the upward direction. Sounds so minor right? But now make a choice dragging your skin down everyday or pulling it up. You have answered yourself :)

2. Don't skip the sunscreen on your hands and feet. Remember hands give away age the fastest. If you want to take it a step further, a regular hand and foot cream night routine my just allow you to put your best foot (and hand) forward. Beauty Tip: Use a sunscreen stick to avoid greasy palms.

3. Its a known fact that as you get older your lips grow smaller, well I am no Kylie Jenner to talk about lip injections but definitely know that the lip liner can be your savior buddy too. Use it to not only fake fuller lips tastefully but also get that lipstick to stay way longer by filling in your lips with the pencil. Beauty tip: The nude lip pencil is your main buddy here.

4. Now I hope exfoliating is part of your beauty regime but don't let those little dry nasty patches get away unnoticed. I am talking about your knees, elbows and underarms. A little scrub n rub will go a long way. Nobody wants to have a lady have a few dry patches take away the attention.

5. This one I swear by...make sure you wash your hair (actually scalp) till you feel it squeaky clean. How often do we just rush into the shower wash our hair quickly, blow dry it and are out the door. Well I made this mistake and realised my hair got greasy in a day and the dry shampoo had to be in my handbag; until the hairdresser told me to change my hair wash method to concentrate on a squeaky scalp and not the hair...woooh what a big huge difference, to the point that I wash my hair twice a week now and haven't touched a dry shampoo since then.

Remember the small things make the big difference.

Your beauty Blogger,

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