Sunday, 6 April 2014

Malaika Arora at Femina Miss India 2014

Malaika Arora at Femina Miss India 2014
Image Source: High Heel Confidential

Malaika Arora is a Diva in the true sense. The lady carries herself off so beautifully and I know a lot of us out here wish we could be as Divalicious as her at that age. She is one hell of a Yummy Mummy if I may say, I say this with a lot of respect.

The picture above was clicked at the Femina Miss India 2014 Red Carpet. The outfit is an appropriately revealing Michael Kors Evening Gown which hugs her correctly and accentuates her perfect figure. Malaika if you have noticed loves to flaunt her back. I like the fact that she is wearing a chinese collar with the keyhole providing a glamorous break. I am not a big fan of Chinese collars on myself as I have large shoulders and it only makes it look broader, making my look much fuller than required.

Coming to the Hair & Makeup, the top knot gives it a very elegant look and the headband has a slight tiara look to it minus the typical crystals, thank god!
The makeup is the first thing I noticed (being a makeup artists, thats now the first thing I notice). In 2 words 'LOVE IT'. The glow on the skin and the minimalist look lends to the elegance of the hair which makes the whole look elegant. Thankgod she chose a Coral lipstick than the typical Red that someone would have typically done.
malaika has beautifully carried off the no jewelry look with her other 2 accessories- The black n gold clutch and headband taking the right amount of attention.

Her stylist definitely deserves a 10/10 for this look.

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