Monday, 7 April 2014

Diptidiva1 Tuesday Tip: 6 Summer Beauty Essentials to add to your kit

While the world around everybody is talking Spring from Makeup, Hair to Fashion, lets face the fact that Mumbai has no real Spring, maybe a day or two when you realize "Oh damn, its hot today, unlike yesterday when I was enjoying some cool breeze". So keeping that in mind I have decided to share with you some beauty essentials that you need to now have in your Summer makeup kit. Let's begin...

1. Primer
You may have been able to skip this baby until the last few days but if you want to survive the heat and not have everyone see all your efforts melt off right on your face, make sure to have this one as a very vital step of prepping your skin.

2. Blotting Paper
This beauty invention is a blessing. You dab off the excess oil from your face and voila you not only look instantly fresh but trust me you feel it too. Will be doing a DIY affordable & super easy blotting paper blog post soon. Follow my blog to be updated. 

3. Compact Powder
Now that you have used the blotting paper this is the most important touch up you need to do in the summers as what the paper has taken mostly along with the oils is the powder. Also re-applying the powder will only delay the makeup from getting oily again.

4. Bronzer
Want to look naturally beauty? Then use a bronzer to show you have been touched by mother nature- The Sun.  Applied correctly this can make you loo like you have a sexy skin tone to die for. Have you ever seen those sexy long legged models in the swimsuit issues, this is one product that makes all the difference.

5. Highlighter/ Pop of color
I know that most people think this time of the year you go as matte as possible but think about a whole matte face and I can bet there is nothing exciting about it. There is that one feature you want to accentuate be it your face and collar bones or just your brow bone. But if you decide highlighter is a definite no no for you then use a nice gold base gloss just to the centre of your lips. Even if that is a no no then bring out the brightest shade of your matte lipstick and pout baby pout. You could also use a fun color of eyeliner to make those beautiful eyes pop.

6. Setting Spray:
This not only helps you set your makeup once you done so that it won't budge; for which I like the Derma Fixing Spray but if you want the dewy look too along with a setting spray you could go for the MAC Fix+.

Chitty Chat:
  • I was MIA coz my Laptop charger had suddenly stopped working after a slight spark. Apple took nearly a week instead of 2 days to send me a new charger. Thankfully the charger was under warranty. 
  • Have decided to do more blog posts as I enjoy the process. Let me know if you want me to do anything specific.
  • When I write my blogposts I get more ideas. Thinking of sharing with you guys my colorful Eye and Lip pencil collection in a video. 

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