Monday, 8 April 2013

Beauty Haul

Hello my beauties!

How many of you reach that point in the year when you feel 'damn I thot I had saved money this year, where the hell did it all go?' and then the self imposed rule of 'no shopping for me'. Well I did reach that phase lately and controlled my beauty spends quite a bit. So here are are FEW beauty items I bought...that I always felt wasn't a WANT but a NEED. Ya ya rite wen you desperately want something, in my dictionary it changes to a 'need':-P

So quickly let me share with you guys what I recently purchased. Let me know if you as excited as me to read a review on any of these products as I am to share the reviews.

Yes that huge silver box is my Vanity case or Train case as you may call it:-) I am big on organizing and this was a long awaited addition I HAD to make to my beauty purchases (talk about 'needs' once again...haha)

The grey case on the top right is a purse organizer I got from Fashion & You. Everything about organizing excites me after moving into our new home. Did I hear someone call me "Monica" again?

Maybelline Clearglow all in one compact powder has found its 4th piece to my vanity. I love this product but have just one reservation. I think I should stop here this product deserves a review of it own.

Sally Hansen Hard as Wraps to help grow my nails. I use my nails for everything I shouldn't be doing with them right from opening cans to scratching unwanted things off a surface. This month I have decided to care about my nails and therefore this fast drying Nail treatment which was awesome on its first use itself; my nails had the perfect shine for 3 days. Will now try to use it as a top coat and put the 60 seconds to another test.

Also bought a Virgo 4 sided nail care tool: buffer, shaper (forgot what the other 2 sides are for).Frankly I dint see a huge difference post use. Infact I feared the surface of my nails looked damaged, not sure if it is supposed to look like that while buffing. time to watch some Videos on Nail care:) Share your nail care secrets with me if you have any.

Gala's Nail polish Thinner for all those bottles that have felt ignored.

Lakme eyeshadow Quad in 'Peacock'. Super love this; had been on the lookout of this discontinued item for very long.

I have been on the lookout for a red blusher for really long and must say they are so difficult to find. I found it at the MAC store but dint wish to buy an expensive product for experimental use; just then I found what I was exactly looking for at the Faces store. So finally here is my FACES red blush

Saving  the best for last, I bought the NYX Beanie eyeshadow. I will soon be creating a look using this eyeshadow. Coming soon on my Youtube channel.

Let me know which products have you bought recently and absolutely loved:)

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