Thursday, 14 February 2013

What I wore on my Goa trip

This post has been so delayed for many reasons. So without any further delay I want to share the pics with you right now...
PS. All these pics looked absolutely normal on my phone, sorry guys about the quality.

Hopefully I can buy a new camera soon...

Makeup Day 1:


This is what happens after a few drinks and some great company:P

Make Up Day 2:



Sorry but this is the only full length pic I had:( N this is at nearly 4am after all the fun and being at the beach at 3am in the cold cracking up on the most silly jokes are somethings that happen when you drop all work n head to Goa for a break.


I dont think I am even wearing any makeup here 

Me with my sis her baby who is being carried by my friend.

This is me learning to have tea from the saucer. This is what you do when you want to cool ur tea in a hurry:)

On the last day I dint have the time to change so I just changed my lipcolor, tied my hair.

Here is the Nail color I stuck to not only through my whole trip but for the whole month...My new fav... the ring finger here has a little glitter nail polish applied to it.

And this is my little bonus for making it to Goa...I got to spend some quality time with my niece, n here she is all excited in her new Minnie Mouse swimsuit.

Hope you guys enjoyed these pics as much as I enjoyed my trip:)

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