Thursday, 21 February 2013

Easy Everyday Smokey Eyes

Actually the thot behind doing this tutorial was to do super easy looks since I have so many friends around me who think  applying 3 eyeshadows in the morning with doing the rest of the face is way too much. They all want to know how to look all ready in a matter of a few minutes. So for all those friends and readers you can totally skip the bronzer I applied in the crease and browbone highlighter.

While doing this look I realised 3 things:

i) I want to try out a couple of other 1 eyeshadow makeup tutorials

ii) I should have used my Clinique Chocolate chip eyeshadow that I hardly use

iii) This look can be created with a lot of other dark colors too as long as you blend well.

So I do hope that some of you try out this look and send me an image; as I am looking out to having some interesting conversations with some fun loving, make up crazy gals like me. 
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