Monday, 13 January 2014

Diptidiva1 Tuesday Tip: A tip while using Sponges & Cotton

Hey beauties do you guys also wonder whats the big deal with the egg shaped sponge called the beauty blender and its many dupes available in the market? Well I am with you. having used the Sonia Kaushik one and the beauty blender I must say I see no big deal about the egg shaped sponge.

Working with a luxury makeup brand I prefer using the square shaped regular sponges instead of makeup brushes for the sheer reasons of hygiene and disposability. But here is an important tip I want to share with you guys that will not only make makeup application easier but will also make your foundation bottle last you longer.

Always dampen your sponge with water preferably using a water spray bottle that will help you only dampen the sponge but not completely wet it like if you place it under running tap water. This allows the dry sponge to first absorb the water and therefore not much of the product, which will avoid wastage of the foundation into the sponge as well as a more moist and smooth application of the foundation on the skin.

The same goes with cotton which should always be dampened especially during the cleansing routine to not only avoid a dry cotton from absorbing your cleanser & toner but also from tugging and stretching of the facial skin.

Hope you guys liked this tip. Please feel free to share the same if you find it informative.

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